Hi, I am Cedric

Cedric Kienzler

Team Lead Kubernetes Site Reliability Engineering at German Edge Cloud

Experienced Senior Engineer with a demonstrated history of leading high performing teams on high impact projects at a large scale. Skilled in leading diverse and agile teams, fostering culture of mutual trust, respect, and innovation.

Site Reliability Engineering
Open Source
Team Work
Go Programming


Developer / Project Lead Mar 2021 - Present

Use the Kubermatic Kubernetes Plattform at your favourite CLI

Open Infrastructure
Open Infrastructure
(Founding) Member of the Board May 2020 - Present

Infrastructure should be accessible for everyone.

BIO Routing
BIO Routing
Developer April 2018 - Present

bio routing is a project to create a versatile, fast and reliable routing daemon in Golang.

GEC Kubernetes Services
GEC Kubernetes Services
Team Lead July 2020 - Present

GEC Kubernetes Services - The first choice for Industrial and Finance clients Kubernetes.

Editor February 2021 - Present

Contributing Bugfixes and Improvements back to the community



Team Lead Kubernetes SRE
German Edge Cloud

Jul 2020 - Present, Remote, Berlin, Frankfurt, Germany

German Edge Cloud is a Start-up, belonging to the Friedhelm Loh Group. Delivering the first KI-Edge-Cloud for realtime industrial usage.

  • Offer professional support to organisation by overseeing day-to-day activities, such as administering budgets allocated to managed Kubernetes Service, maintaining Kubernetes Infrastructure, reviewing code and design documents, and making optimal pricing structure with Head of Sales and accounting.
  • Liaised and worked in close collaboration with C-level Management for designing effective strategies and delivering high quality products and services towards customers.
  • Established a remote team of site reliability engineers and took ownership of managed Kubernetes platform.
  • Developed positive working relationships between business units and improved workplace diversity by driving a company-wide initiative.
  • Created new incident, change, and problem management processes with service management team.
  • Ensured smooth functioning of operations, while serving as a Product and Platform Owner, representing company in Cloud Native Computing Foundation, and supporting multiple teams with an ultimate goal of becoming a CNCF certified “Kubernetes Certified Service Professional”.

(Founding) Member of the Board
Open Infrastructure e. V. (in Gr√ľndung befindlich)

April 2020 - Present, Germany


Site Reliability Engineer 2

Jan 2019 - Mar 2020, Dublin, Ireland

  • Actively participated in various open-source projects, accomplished 99.99% service level agreements, and increased corporate security by working with onsite Red- and Blue team in Redmond. Planned and organised meetups for the Microsoft Ireland Open-Source Club.
  • Re-designed the project management process through agile methodologies and drove a cultural change to implement modern SRE methods.
  • Shifted the development environment towards state-of-the-art tooling, like Git, Azure DevOps, and Jupyter Notebooks.
  • Improved the service reliability by coordinating with various teams across multiple business units.
  • Directed the development and integration of multiple internal tools, resulting in enhancing the efficiency of on-call engineers and mitigating incidents and outages.
  • On-boarded a new SRE team in China for executing “follow the sun” schedule by implementing proven SRE processes and delivering exceptional on-site training.

Head of Network Operations
entropia e. V.

Jan 2018 - Jun 2019, Germany

  • Ran the AS13020 Network for one of the largest hacking events in Germany after the Chaos Communication Congress
  • Lead a Team of 15 volunteers with various skills and levels to build and run the network infrastructure
  • Worked closely together with the events project management, as well as various other teams to ensure all of their requirements are fulfilled
  • Planned and controlled the budget
  • Acquired sponsors for network hardware and BGP interconnectivity
  • Wrote automation for heterogenous infrastructure to distribute the network in 5 lecture halls, two big hackcenters and the “OpenCodes” Art exhibition
  • Created extensive documentation during all stages of the project to ensure a reliable network
  • Worked together with 3rd party service providers to provide fiber connectivity to the venue
  • Troubleshooted production infrastructure during the event to ensure maximal reliability for all our attendees and internal customers
  • Handeled abuse reports during the event
  • Monitored the whole network infrastructure using Prometheus and Grafana

Software Engineer, Network Security

Jan 2017 - Dec 2018, Karlsruhe, Germany

  • Oversaw the designing phase of a new authentication, authorization, and accounting service, while using a microservice-based approach to increase the scalability and maintenance of code.
  • Played a vital role in the development of “Synchronised Application Classification Engine” product.
  • Conducted unit-tests with high branch coverage, improved the integration test suite for speeding up the release cycles, replaced the IPsec library used in firewall appliances, and made major contributions in open-source community platforms.
  • Led the design and development of a new single sign on service on the firewall for integrating user-based policies on chrome books without the need of captive portals.

Software Engineer, EDI Process Integration
MARKANT Handels- und Service GmbH

Aug 2015 - Dec 2016, Offenburg, Germany

  • Created new real time file conversions to convert complex message types for B2B communication. Provided phenomenal training to apprentices on software architecture, clean code, and common design patterns and encouraged staff to enhance workflow efficiency.
  • Migrated from CVS to GIT during project development, a major version upgrade for the IDE and developed continuous integration pipeline to modernise departments development infrastructure.
  • Improved response times during incidents in a time-critical trading system by using real-time monitoring.
  • Evaluated various unit testing frameworks and refactored legacy code to enable unit testing in the existing product code.

Junior Software Engineer - Apprenticeship
Streit Datentechnik

Aug 2012 - July 2015, Haslach im Kinzigtal, Germany

  • Designed and implemented monitoring services and improved the reliability of company’s network and build infrastructure.
  • Extended existing UI controls to match modern UI standards and implemented new UI controls to improve customer experience.
  • Wrote a disassembler for reading dependencies from Windows-PE and C# executables.
  • Gained invaluable knowledge regarding MS Visual C++, C# .NET, MS T-SQL, MFC, and Win32-API.