Oversaw and orchestrated the event organisation as the representative of the network team towards the event’s project management, including sponsor aquisation, budget management, and logistic for a highly reliable fault tolerant network for one of the largest hacker events in Germany.

• Lead a Team of 15 volunteers with various skills and levels to build and run the network infrastructure

• Planned and controlled the budget

• Acquired sponsors for network hardware and BGP interconnectivity

• Wrote a SDN Controller in python3 using netconf, SNMPv3, and jinja2 for a heterogenous infrastructure to distribute the network in 5 lecture halls, two big hackcenters and the “OpenCodes” Art exhibition

• Created extensive documentation during all stages of the project to ensure a reliable network

• Worked together with 3rd party service providers to provide fiber connectivity as well as multi-homed BGP connectivity to the venue

• Monitored the whole network infrastructure using Prometheus and Grafana

Cedric Kienzler
Senior Software Engineer - Azure Resiliency Engineering

My work primarily focuses on building, designing, and maintaining highly distributed systems at large scale