rC3 World Backend

Supported the rc3.world backend team as part of the rC3 infrastructure team, building and maintaining a Kubernetes Cluster as well as the corresponding multi-staged Elixir deployment required for the remote congress experience.

• Orchestrated a highly available Elixir Application using Kubernetes with Kustomize, Helm, and ArgoCD

• Built a multi-staged GitLab CI Pipeline to compile, verify, an Elexir application, as well as the documentation, that powered the 2D world backend to the congress 2D world

• Coordinated deployments in close collaboration with the leadership team (PL) of the event ensuring minimal disruption during for all users

• Took 24h on-call responsibility during the whole event to resolve incidents as well as smaller issues

Cedric Kienzler
Senior Software Engineer - Azure Resiliency Engineering

My work primarily focuses on building, designing, and maintaining highly distributed systems at large scale